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Dear HCI Members –

Hope this email finds you well. The Harvard Serves: Global Month of Service, April 2012 is in full swing!

We currently have several choice of activities below with PIC [Highlighted in YELLOW] , please find the activity that you would like to get involved in and various interests will be pooled by respective PIC to tailor a program specifically for HCI. You can indicate your interest by sending email to the various PIC, or through the registration page (that you may receive directly from HAA: Harvard Alumni Association)

We thank Jika, Tiara and Hendrik for their willingness to be PICs for these various activities.

Visit http://www.service.clubsandsigs.harvard.edu or email us at harvardserves@post.harvard.edu if you have any questions.

Share the news. Make a difference. Harvard Serves.

With warmest regards,


On behalf of HCI BoD 2010-12


Global Month of Service, April 2012!

Since 2009, Harvard Clubs, Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) and alumni have been identifying public service opportunities for other Harvard alumni during the Harvard Serves: Global Month of Service in April.

Activities included:

1. Hosting a college information session at a local high school

2. Teaching a yoga class at a local retirement home

3. Cleaning a riverbank

4. Helping serve food at a local shelter

5. Providing pro bono professional services

6. Sorting donations for GoodWill



Please contact Tiara (email: tiara@pacific.net.id), if you would like to participate here. Interested volunteers will be pooled, and designated dates will follow.

Established in 2005, The Learning Farm (TLF) has been giving opportunities to marginalized Indonesian youth to gain new skills and refine their life directions, in the efforts to reintegrate themselves back as productive members of the society. In the beginning, most of the participants came from the street in several big cities in Indonesia. Nowadays, the composition is more various comprises of young people from different parts of Indonesia who live on the street, drop out from school, come from conflict and underdeveloped areas, have no jobs, etc.

TLF serves as:

1.      A Community where vulnerable youth can meet new friends, build friendship, develop team work, get support, and find opportunities.

2.      An Educational Centre where the participants obtain valuable new skills as well as practical knowledge through a participatory learning process.

3.      A productive organic farm which conducts entrepreneurship activities that is socially oriented.

4.      A Networking Centre where experience and lesson learned are being shared internally among participants, and externally with other organizations supporting similar cause, as well as the community at large.

Philosophically, organic farming is being used as healing method as it links the young participants with the organics ethics; linking them with the environment they are living in as part of the ecological system, preparing a responsible future by maintaining the soil, and patience exercising through the long and meticulous plant treatment.

Positive changing attitude as means to overcome further challenges in the youth life is the expected output. Within four months, the students have to follow daily routines which reintroduce them to discipline and new behaviors.

Based on the field evaluation, most of TLF Alumni demonstrate positive transformation and being well received by their neighborhood. TLF also designed Alumni Program in which Alumni take the biggest role as the implementer in socializing organic farming and green practices directly to the communities and schools in several cities in Java. We have so far around 370 graduates.

Our main activities:

1.      Teaching of Organic Farming (theory and practical knowledge)

2.      Introducing the Entrepreneurship practices (post-harvest processing, marketing and customer relations)

3.      Transferring valuable supporting life skills such as Facilitator Skills, Computer, English, First Aid, Work ethics, Book Keeping, etc.

Our DNA curriculum is Hands (hard skills through farming), Head (Soft skills to build capacities of students) and Heart (Proper approach to deal with special characteristic of youth who are vulnerable).

We are very happy to welcome volunteers to share expertise and or experiences with the students through additional life skills session. So far we have both individual or corporate volunteers who come for one day workshop. We allocate Wednesday for additional classes considering that our volunteers mostly came from Jakarta that is difficult for them to travel over the weekends to our place due to severe traffic congestion. We are also in our way to improve Heart program shall there any of assistance can be given in this area.



Public Relations | The Learning Farm / Yayasan Karang Widya

Email: prthelearningfarm@gmail.com| Phone: +62 811 22 63631

Website: www.thelearningfarm.com

Address: Komplek Perkebunan Teh MaleberRT 01 RW 12 Desa Ciherang,

Kecamatan Pacet, Kabupaten Cianjur,43253 - Jawa Barat, Indonesia  | Phone / Fax : 0263-514840


Please contact Jika (email: arisia.p@gmail.com), HCI Director of Community Relations, if you would like to participate here. Interested volunteers will be pooled, and designated dates will follow.

Provides loan for women to open warungs, small catering etc.  Open to volunteers giving training like simple bookkeeping, how to manage expenses.


Please contact Jika (email: arisia.p@gmail.com), HCI Director of Community Relations, if you would like to participate here. Interested volunteers will be pooled, and designated dates will follow.

Below is a brief info on Sahabat Anak. Support of their activities can either be through volunteering as teachers, mentors, event organizers, etc. or funding support. They currently have locations in all 5 areas of DKI Jakarta. For more information please visit their website: www.sahabatanak.com

Sahabat Anak began in 1997 with the first Jambore Anak Jalanan (JAJ, “Street Kids Jamboree”). After the Jamboree, it was a group of volunteers, made up of students and professionals, who recognized that education was one of the essential needs for Indonesia’s urban children, especially for the street children living in Jakarta. Education is a fundamental element in breaking the poverty cycle.  Education creates opportunities for children to elevate their economic status, while also helping them develop self-esteem and a positive self-image. 

Based on the commitment to serve the poor, Sahabat Anak (SA), which means a Child’s Friend, was born. Without financial or legal support or any other fixed facilities, the organisation grew out of the volunteer's love for Jakarta’s urban poor and their enthusiasm to make a difference. Over the years, members of SA have learned the intricacies of working together, while serving the children. Through all the work SA does out in the field, they have come to understand the challenges and realities of life on the streets for Jakarta’s urban poor. Life on the streets for Jakarta’s children is difficult and many grow up in a complex environment, however, most children still have the drive and determination to envisage a better life for themselves. It is through these experiences that SA has determined that Education is a key in breaking the poverty cycle.

As most children find it extremely difficult to attend school SA has focused its attention and resources on providing informal education to those unable to access formal education, while also tailoring the education to best suit the unique needs of the children. As a community based organization, SA has developed viable ways to raise funds through our volunteers, word of mouth approach, sale of merchandise and by “friend-raising”. 80% of SA’s funds come from individual donors, this highlights SA’s commitment to being a community driven organisation. SA has a system in place to ensure integrity and responsibility in the use of funds and in reporting on the expenditure of the funds.  

Currently, Sahabat Anak has established regular tutorial programs, which are known as Bimbel. These are held in seven different areas of Jakarta for the local street children. The areas include: Prumpung, Grogol, Cijantung, Gambir, Manggarai, Tanah Abang and Mangga Dua.

SA has also established an informal school for teenagers who are unable to attend formal education. The school is known as the Children’s Activity Centre, or in Bahasa Indonesia, Pusat Kegiatan Anak (PKA). The Children’s Activity Centre is located right behind our Secretariat. SA has also established a Kindergarten for street toddlers in Jelambar, West Jakarta, and one transit house for street children in Pasar Susukan, East Jakarta.


Please contact Hendrik (email: hendrik@delcoprima.com), if you would like to participate here. Interested volunteers will be pooled, and designated dates will follow.

Founded on Nov 2008, this institution focuses on becoming the best place to care for children with multiple handicaps. The ultimate goal is to develop these children as much as possible towards self-sufficiency physically and socially.

Website Yayasan Heesu : http://heesu.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=62


Please contact Tiara (email: tiara@pacific.net.id), if you would like to participate here. Interested volunteers will be pooled, and designated dates will follow.

Website: http://indonesiamengajar.org/

Visi Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar

Diinspirasi oleh janji kemerdekaan untuk mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa, Indonesia dipenuhi oleh anak muda yang tulus mengabdi menjadi guru selama waktu tertentu di daerah, menularkan optimisme, menebar inspirasi dan menjadi jendela kemajuan di tingkat akar rumput. Pada saat bersamaan, anak-anak muda itu belajar untuk peka dan peduli pada realitas kehidupan bangsanya.

Kehadiran dan kehidupan anak-anak muda itu di sekolah, desa dan keluarga baru mereka di pelosok Nusantara akan merajut tenun kebangsaan yang lebih kokoh.

Kelak, Indonesia akan dipenuhi pemimpin baru yang memiliki kompetensi kelas dunia dengan pemahaman akar rumput. Para pemimpin itu lahir dari anak-anak muda terbaik pada generasinya yang diberi kesempatan untuk hidup, tinggal, bekerja, dan berinteraksi di dunia pendidikan bersama rakyat di segala penjuru, termasuk di daerah terpencil.

Misi kami di Indonesia Mengajar

Indonesia Mengajar memiliki misi ganda:

- Mengisi kekurangan guru berkualitas di daerah yang membutuhkan.

- Menjadi wahana belajar kepemimpinan bagi anak-anak muda terbaik Indonesia agar tak semata memiliki kompetensi kelas dunia, tetapi juga pemahanan akar rumput.

Indonesia Mengajar membantu mengisi kekurangan guru sekolah dasar, khususnya di daerah terpencil dengan mengirimkan lulusan terbaik Perguruan Tinggi di Indonesia yang telah dididik intensif untuk menguasai kapasitas kepengajaran dan kepemimpinan untuk bekerja sebagai guru selama satu tahun.


Please contact Tiara (email: tiara@pacific.net.id), if you would like to participate here. Interested volunteers will be pooled, and designated dates will follow.

SOKOLA is a group of people who experienced in serving and assisting education for indigenous and marginalized community. With learning methods of quickly reading-writing. SOKOLA tries to reach communities in Indonesia which have not been accessed by formal education, assist, and share knowledge or life-skills in order to face their daily real-life problem. We call it "School for Life". SOKOLA was started in Bukit 12 Forest of Jambi since 2003 and now SOKOLA has reached 11 different communities all over Indonesia with 5 education programs (with Orang Rimba in Bukit 12 Forest, Orang Kajang in South Sulawesi, poor fisherman village in Makassar, with Wailago Community in Besar Island, Flores and with Orang Tayawi in Halmahera Utara) and 7 other post disaster programs (Aceh, Jogja & Klaten, Garut, Sukabumi, Padang). 

For more about SOKOLA you can visit: www.sokola.org



The Harvard Club of Indonesia (HCI) has always had a lofty goal in mind to promote applicants to apply to Harvard and to support those successful candidates both financially and non-financially. A recent reach out to a student in need has inspired HCI to start putting together a way for us all to contribute financially.

While many successful applicants to Harvard have received scholarships or fellowships from other organizations, the funding from these organizations may not be sufficient to cover the entire normative education & living expense in Harvard. Given the situation, HCI would like to contribute in situations unable to be addressed by other parties. The HCI student pledge is a vehicle to channel this contribution.

The HCI student pledge a moral commitment to give, not a legal contract, to those in need. It does not involve pooling of money. The drawdown will be as needed basis, the contributor will be asked to send money once there is a need. Anyone will be eligible to contribute

An HCI student pledge committee will be set- up to maintain and register all active pledges, reviews and approves request, and to send funding call requests and verifies remittances.

To learn more about the pledges, please download brochure below HCI Student Pledge Brochure

To submit your pledge, please email george.hendrata@gmail.com or lily.surya@gmail.com 


Dear HCI Members -

Hope this email finds you well. As you all know, the Merapi eruptions have disrupted thousands of lives, with equally many  losses of homes.  As such, HCI as a group would like to donate some funds through Kompas, or through other channels you think will be equally or more effective.  

When disaster struck typically there will be initially be a lot of help and fund coming in during the critical period. Period of which media coverage is optimum.  After the initial publicity has calmed down, there is a lot less help and fund, during the recovery period.  This recovery period is critical to get the victim to live normally.  Help during this period includes rebuilding of houses, hospitals, schools etc.

We would like to donate to assist the Merapi victims' rebuilding effort during this recovery period, through the sales of these HCI 2011 Notebook.  We have cleared all the trademark associated with the Harvard logo with Harvard Alumni Association. As long as these are sold to the club members, this permission is granted.

We have ordered 400 of this BEAUTIFUL calendar notebook with thank you note for your contribution to the victims of Merapi eruptions.  These are designed by our highly esteemed design colleague, Zenin Adrian.  We thank him for this WONDERFUL effort.

What we would like to humbly propose is for each member to purchase 4 (four) at a MINIMUM price of Rp 100,000 each.  Members are welcome to contribute more per calendar.  All profits will go towards the HCI funds for Merapi.

If you would like to order, please confirm by sending an email to HCI Director of Community Relations, Jika at arisia.p@gmail.com and copy me at george.hendrata@gmail.com.  We would be grateful if you can also transfer the fund to the HCI Bank Account listed in the homepage: http://clubs.harvard.edu/university/hcindonesia , and send an email notification to HCI Treasury, Paolo Kartadjoemena at pkarta@gmail.com

These notebook calendars are available for pick-up starting December 20, 2010 at HCI office listed in the home tab of HCI webpage.

The notebook calendars are available for softcopy viewing at: 

HCI 2011 Notebook Calendar Thank You page for Merapi Donation

With warmest regards,


on behalf of HCI BoD 2010-2012