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There are many ways to get involved in the Harvard Club of France. We list 4 ways below, but feel free to contact club officers if you have other ideas or questions.

Join the Harvard Club of France

The first step is to join the Harvard Club of France!

Click here to register online for membership!

Join the Activities Committee

The Harvard Club of France is always looking for enthusiastic individuals interested in organizing activities, whether traditional or new, as part of our Activities Committee. Please contact us at hcfrance @ post.harvard.edu to express your interest.

Interview for the Admissions Committee

The Harvard Club of France is responsible for organising interviews for French applicants to Harvard College. Last year, about 25 high school students applied to Harvard. The Admissions Committee visits high schools in the Paris area to increase awareness of the application process to American universities as well as interviews the students who do apply. Please contact Claire Mays at claire.mays @ post.harvard.edu to express your interest.

Contribute to the Harvard French Scholarship Fund

In 1987 the Harvard Club of France assumed responsibility for interviewing and selecting recipients of funds it raises itself, perhaps the only Harvard Club to do so. This was done to create closer ties between members and beneficiaries, ties to encourage giving while providing personalized support to departing or returning students. In 1999, the Harvard Law School Association of France joined forces with the Club for this endeavor. In 2002, the Harvard Business School Club of France also decided to participate in the fund. As a result, the program now goes under the name of the Harvard French Scholarship Fund, which is organically part of the Harvard Club of France. This is probably the only instance in the world, where three clubs in one country have formally associated to help students attend Harvard.

The program has worked well. Total contributions rose from 2,300 euros in the mid-eighties to 16,735 in 2004/05. The number of contributors has risen during the same period to 72. When reimbursements of previous advances are added in, total funds collected totalled 31,520 euros. Since the beginning of the program, over 75 students have received some form of assistance from the Fund.

To support the Scholarship Fund and the students it supports, please visit the Fund’s website at http://www.webjam.com/hfsf.